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OOI Cyberinfrastructure's Deployment Topology

Latest Notes

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure team is turning into the stretch for the Release 2 development, and Release 3 is just about to get going.

By design, these two releases (out of 4 total) overlap quite a bit. So even as the developers are beginning their third iteration of the Release 2 construction period, we're getting ready for the designers and architects to start figuring out the Release 3 approaches. By the end of this month, Release 3 will start in earnest, and things will get very exciting.

Release 2, Release 3—What's the Difference?

Release 2 focuses on basic marine operations activities—setting up observatories, platforms, instruments, and figuring out where they live (their geospatial range). It also puts into place the fundamental data processing and data product services that will provide scientists the ocean measurements and calculations they live by.

Meanwhile, Release 3 emphasizes more advanced marine operations,...

New people who just want to learn a bit of the Cyberinfrastructure's technical underpinnings have a tough job. WIth thousands of pages describing the CI, it's hard to know where to start to get a feel of the project.

Here are a few links for visitors who saw our Fall 2011 AGU abstract. It isn't the complete handbook, nor is it a glossy brochure, but it gets you started on the deep technical materials that do exist.  We'll try to provide more high-level information in coming months, as they could make for an easier read!


For more information about OOI CI, take a look at these pages.

  1. CI System Engineering—the approach and activities for our engineering processes
  2. CI Architecture and Design—the head of the architecture...
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